Additional Ethernet Cable Pulled to Unit

Your property has engaged Everywhere Wireless to provide bulk Internet service to all the units. This service will provide you with a base Internet speed, but you may upgrade to experience faster speeds. Everywhere Wireless Internet service will be delivered to each unit over the existing Ethernet cabling. If you plan on continuing to use AT&T services (TV, phone or fax) and you wish to upgrade to an Internet speed that is faster than the base speed included in the bulk service, you will need a second Ethernet cable pulled to your unit. EW will install this second Ethernet cable for a one-time charge of $200. There are many streaming options available for television programming over Internet. YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu, and Philo all provide different packages of programming and can be streamed over your Everywhere Wireless Internet service. Links to several streaming options can be found at the bottom of your property page on our website.